Professor Charles Coombes MBBS FRCP MD FMedSci

Professor Charles Coombes MBBS FRCP MD FMedSci

Professor Charles Coombes MBBS FRCP MD FMedSci

img Special scientific advisor
Jameel Health

Appointed as advisor to Jameel Health, Professor Charles Coombes is Professor of Medical Oncology, Imperial College London. He is also Honorary Consultant Medical Oncologist at Imperial College Healthcare Trust.

In 2010, Professor Coombes became Director of The Imperial CRUK Cancer Center. He was also Chair of The Imperial Cancer Research (UK) Center Steering Committee and Theme leader for Cancer at Imperial College London.

He is engaged in developing novel methods for prediction of response to endocrine therapy in breast cancer and research aimed at understanding the mechanisms of resistance to endocrine therapy including the development of novel anti-cancer drugs.

His laboratory is focusing on elucidating molecular signals controlling aberrant growth of breast cancer cells with specific focus on the estrogen receptor and allied cell signaling pathways.

Professor Coombes works with scientists engaged in molecular target identification and chemists whose remit is to target specific signaling abnormalities to develop novel therapies for breast cancer.

He also runs a translational laboratory which focuses on detection of micro-metastatic disease and application to the treatment of breast cancer.

Professor Coombes is Chairman of the International Collaborative Cancer Group – a multinational trial center (based at Imperial College London) focusing on phase II and III studies in breast cancer. He has published three books and more than 600 peer-reviewed papers in scientific journals.