Point of Care Solutions

The increasing worldwide trend for patients taking an active management in their own health care underlines the importance of point-of-care medicine, together with innovative supporting technologies, and their ability to provide real-time, cost-effective solutions for both patient and physician, potentially addressing many unmet health monitoring needs.

Rising health care costs highlight the role for development of effective, convenient, and affordable means of delivering care, with a focus on providing clinically actionable information at, or near, the patient. 

Point-of-care devices can provide clinicians with data critical to diagnosis and care management while they are still with the patient.  Such rapid access to information offers advantages such as reducing follow-up calls or visits to convey test results and adjust clinical intervention, or to facilitate treatment quickly, preventing infectious disease spread, for better and timely clinical management.

In acute settings, rapid access to diagnostic information is critical for providing an effective – and timely – medical response.  Point-of-care solutions can also speed triage enabling rapid delivery of necessary services while remote monitoring facilitates the ability to provide care to dispersed geographic populations with limited primary care access.

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