Established in Japan in 2004, Cyberdyne are world leading pioneers of artificial intelligence-based robotic solutions including the robot exoskeleton, Hybrid Assisted Limb® (HAL®).

Medical HAL® is a form of cyborg-type wearable robot exoskeleton, and is the world‘s first* technology to improve and potentially regenerate physical function according to the wearer’s intentions.

When a person tries to move, the brain sends a signal to the muscle to command the movement. Simultaneously, a very faint signal reflecting the wearer’s intention to move also appears on the skin. Using sensors attached to the skin’s surface, HAL® detects these bio-electrical signals, translating them to motorized movement to perform the desired action from the wearer’s voluntary commands.  HAL® thereby assists a physically challenged or injured patient to move, by enabling him/her to exert more motor energy than usual.

This can be successfully used in rehabilitative therapy as the system can accelerate motor learning of cerebral nerves assisting to regenerate, improve, support, and expand patients’ brain-neuro-physical functions.

More than 13,000 people suffered traumatic spinal injuries in Saudi Arabia in 2015, according to official government statistics.

Jameel Health was the first to introduce HAL® and ‘Cybernics Therapy’ into Saudi Arabia, at the Abdul Latif Jameel Rehabilitation Hospital, Jeddah, in 2017, with Saudi Arabian regulatory approval in mid-2018.

This successful relationship has since expanded to include distribution across the GCC, establishing the Hospital as a regional training center. 

These remarkable advances, that are approved and used in over 20 countries, potentially help enable patients with a disability to regain their mobility.

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