Eyerising International is leading the fight against childhood myopia with their innovative Eyerising Myopia Management Device. Using patented Repeated Low-Level Red-Light (RLRL) therapy, this device offers a highly effective and child-friendly way to treat myopia.

Clinically proven to slow the progression of child myopia by up to 87.7%, the device is designed for home use, requiring just 3 minutes of treatment, twice a day, 5 days a week, with a minimum of 4 hours between sessions. All this is achieved without pain, complications, or known significant side effects.

At Jameel Health, we are dedicated to bringing advanced eye care solutions to the Global South. We are excited to introduce this new approach to managing myopia, a widespread challenge affecting millions. By 2050, myopia will impact half the world’s population, and we are poised to change this alarming forecast.

Traditional myopia treatments for children are often limited, but the Eyerising Myopia Management Device offers a revolutionary and child-friendly alternative. This breakthrough in myopia control, specially developed for children, uses RLRL therapy to gently stimulate blood flow in the ocular fundus, alleviating sclera hypoxia and controlling the axial lengthening that causes myopia.

This innovative technology provides a child-friendly approach that promises not just treatment but transformation. The Eyerising Myopia Management Device is more than just an intervention; it’s an opportunity for earlier treatment, more options, and the potential for RLRL as a new adjunct therapy. Practitioners now have a more comprehensive approach to myopia management.