Holoeyes’ virtual reality software platform has the potential to dramatically enhance medical treatments, pre-operative procedural planning, and medical education.

The XR, extended reality platform fuses technology, AI, and medicine enabling medical professionals to share complex information intuitively and with greater understanding than conventional imaging techniques. 

Physicians can upload patient’s 2D MRI or CT scans to Holoeyes platform, and in around 15 minutes, receive a patient-personalized three dimensional model which they can navigate in virtual or mixed reality.

Holoeyes has developed a comprehensive virtual reality (VR) software suite to achieve this, including:

  • Holoeyes XR: a multi-person interface that can be used for conferencing, consulting, surgical training, and also to assist in obtaining a patient’s informed consent.
  • Holoeyes Edu: specifically tailored for medical and nursing students and medical residents to drive education and training.
  • Holoeyes VS: for secure multi-physician remote conferencing (building in Holoeyes MD and XR).
  • Holoeyes MD: the core technology application to create the VR models and enable recordings, slicing, layering, and annotation including augmented reality markers.

Remote and secure conferencing technology enables physicians to consult, collaborate, and share data.

In November 2021, Jameel Health and Holoeyes Inc. entered into a strategic collaboration for the distribution of their innovative 3D extended reality technology surgery support system and medical education software to a potential market of over 2.4 million physicians across selected Middle East and African countries. 

This collaboration aims to contribute to the enhanced efficiency and safety of surgery, improving standards and quality of medical education through advanced medical imaging technology.

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