EIRL by LPIXEL offers a revolutionary suite of medical image diagnosis support technology, utilizing deep learning-powered AI to interpret medical images across X-ray, CT, MRI, and colonoscopy modalities with high efficiency and accuracy. The technology significantly enhances the diagnostic capabilities of healthcare professionals by improving the sensitivity and speed of analysis.

EIRL Chest Screening technology excels in detecting suspected lung nodules, infiltrative and interstitial shadowing, and atelectasis. It also automates the measurement of critical metrics such as mediastinal width and cardiothoracic ratio, streamlining the diagnostic process. For neurological assessments, EIRL Brain Aneurysm detects up to four suspected aneurysms from MRA scans, increasing detection sensitivity by nearly 10%. Additionally, EIRL Brain Metry and EIRL Brain Segmentation provide comprehensive evaluations by calculating brain matter volumes and differentiating tissue structures in head CT images.

At the heart of EIRL is LPIXEL’s commitment to optimizing healthcare through AI, enhancing diagnostic accuracy, and easing doctors’ workloads. Jameel Health, in collaboration with LPIXEL, continues to redefine medical technology standards, striving for excellence in healthcare delivery across the Global South.