Pioneering perinatal care innovative Japanese health-tech developer, Melody International introduces the Melody i Mobile Fetal Monitor iCTG – a cloud-based mobile wireless fetal monitor platform.

Comprising a fetal heart monitor with in-built speaker that also functions as a doppler, and uterine contraction monitor, this is a lightweight wearable, point-of-care medical device that is simple to use, and highly portable.  Simply switch on and add gel to the fetal monitor, position to locate the baby’s heartbeat, and secure both transducers with the strap fitting the mother’s body perfectly.  The transducer’s weight is close to that of common smartphones, and one hour’s charge provides up to six hours of monitoring capability.

The Melody iCTG is a wireless, cloud-enabled, system. A smart tablet connected to the internet shares data with physicians. This enables both the mother, and health care professionals, to see data in real-time.  Clinicians can observe the fetus – and mother – remotely, wherever they are – a key advantage for managing both high-risk pregnancies, or servicing remote, geographically dispersed populations. In the event of a complication, the doctor can reassure the mother through a live, real-time consultation or recommend a swift intervention.

Emergency services and hospitals can also use the device to monitor mother and baby as they transit to the hospital and share vital data with the waiting team to maximize the chance of successful delivery.

Melody’s iCTG was certified by the PMDA in Japan and registered with Thai FDA. US FDA approval is currently under application. CE mark and Saudi Arabia FDA are preparing for certification.

In 2021, Jameel Health and Melody International announced a strategic collaboration to reduce perinatal emergencies and infant mortality in a territory of over 1.9 billion people across selected Asian, Middle Eastern and African markets.

The collaboration takes a significant step toward addressing a lack of access to adequate fetal point-of-care monitoring in many countries due to both limited availability of medical facilities and maternity physicians, and also for those with geographically dispersed populations not easily able to visit primary health care.

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