PlasmaJet by Plasma Surgical represents a breakthrough in surgical technology, providing an all-in-one tool that utilizes Pure-Plasma energy for cutting, dissecting, vaporizing, coagulating, and surface sealing tissue with unmatched control. This versatile surgical instrument is essential for both open and laparoscopic procedures, promoting no-touch, atraumatic surgery with precision that sets new standards in the medical field.

 Designed for a wide range of surgical applications, PlasmaJet allows surgeons to harness the unique properties of plasma energy. Supported by over 65 peer-reviewed scientific publications, PlasmaJet stands as a significant advancement in surgical practices, offering unprecedented accuracy and control.

At Jameel Health, we are dedicated to advancing medical technology and enhancing surgical outcomes. Our commitment to healthcare innovation continues to drive us forward, as we introduce state-of-the-art solutions like PlasmaJet to the medical community. This commitment is part of our broader mission to improve health inclusivity and accelerate access to modern healthcare across the Global South.

 Experience a new level of precision in surgery with PlasmaJet, only from Jameel Health.